Sunday, August 9, 2015

We praise the Lord For the work that is being accomplished at camp!
Getting ready for the youth dinner
We have had a problem with our road leading in to the camp for many years. Whenever it rains, the road becomes very muddy and difficult to drive on. There have been many times that we have had to park at a nearby restaurant and walk in. We had asked the city to fix it in the past and have never been able to get them to do anything. Recently, another organization has moved in next door and set up a dog pound to round up stray dogs in town. The short of it is they have finally fixed the road! We had to pay for half of the cost, but we were happy to do that in order to have a constant access to camp. We can now have events without the uncertainty of having to cancel because of rain!
Our kitchen is now functional with the recent installation of the countertops! What a blessing it is to be able to cook and clean at camp! The countertops for the dish pit area will be coming soon. We were able to use the camp for the first time to hold our annual youth fundraiser for the teens to go to winter camp. 
Youth fundraiser to go to winter camp
Trinity Baptist in Moscow, Maine had a VBS program that we were able to minister in via video. It is a blessing to know that the Lord is working in the young hearts that participated. We are also thankful that they were able to raise enough money to buy 40 chairs for the dining and chapel area.
The groundwork for the cabin was finally completed after waiting for more than a year for someone willing to work on it. Our Steel contractor has also put up the steel columns and roof structure.
South Waterboro Team
We had a team from South Waterboro, Maine working on the first of two cabins that we have planned to complete in the next year. The team worked hard at digging trenches, installing plumbing, and pouring the concrete floor for the cabin. We are thankful for all the team members that were able to come, but we are especially thankful that God sent a plumber to do all of the in ground plumbing for the cabin as well as hooking up all of our kitchen faucets. They also gave us a “kitchen shower” by bringing much needed supplies  such as utensils, cooking sheets, muffin tins, pots and pans and the like to get the kitchen in working order. Our hearts were greatly encouraged to have another one of our partnering churches ministering with us on this end of the equator!
Lift team from Northern Ireland
The same day that the South Waterboro team left, we received a team from Northern Ireland that stayed for another two weeks. The first day we finished the concrete slab and installed the majority of the walls. It is exciting to see so much progress in such little time! We thank the Lord for His provision through His people.
Please continue to pray for continued progress in the physical work and that God would put together work teams to complete the cabins so we will be able to open the camp!

Please contact us if you would like to be a part of a work team.

Making wire ties for the walls.
The ladies cut up nearly 20 rolls of wire!
Cabin walls and roof structure from water tower
Martin Gorosito
Several Argentine believers came out to help

Making concrete picnic tables

Team dish washing!

Matthias shadowing a father/daughter team

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