Monday, October 28, 2013

Praise the Lord for many hands.  We are getting a lot of work accomplished at camp.  One of the projects is the ceiling in the main building.
And After


Pastor Bill Park is cutting the ceiling tile.


 Another project was pouring concrete for the grilling area.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Things are coming together nicely and we are getting into a routine that seems to be working.  Most of the team members go out to camp each morning to work on various building projects.

Meal preparation at church.

 Those that stay behind help by serving in the areas of normal daily life like, shopping for food, cooking, cleaning, laundry and anything else that comes up that needs to get done.
Washing lunch dishes out at camp.
Heading back to Camp
One day a family from church treated the group to lunch at their restaurant.  What a treat it was to get to know them a little better and share a meal together.  The meal was super yummy too! :)

Back to work we go!

 Fabric was brought down to make curtains for the camp. There was enough material for the church windows as well. Praise the Lord!  Let the sewing begin!  Please keep praying.

Measuring for the curtains!

Beautiful fabric 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Missions Trip Oct. 2013

Waiting at the airport
We made it!!!! Our flight to Argentina was smooth sailing.  No major problems, in fact we were allowed to have a few more bags checked than normal.  Yeah! Less to carry.  We were surprised and thankful.  Another blessing was we were able to change our seating so we could all sit together. I was thankful that we could all sit as a family.
An interesting observation we found as we arrived in Argentina was that we were able to move to shorter lines and go through the process much quicker thanks to Sofia.  After we got our luggage...2 totes, 3 suitcases (50 lbs a piece), 3 carry-on's, car seat, stroller, diaper bag... We were greeted by a dear friend from RGBI and Colby Holmes who brought us to Chivilcoy.  It was extra special to be able to introduce two friends who are serving the Lord in the same city.  What an encouragement it is to have fellowship with other believers.
Currently there is a team of 13 people working here, tomorrow the rest will arrive and we will have 26 people.  Praise the Lord!
Helping prepare dinner
On Saturday night James taught the young people's group and then again Sunday evening for Sunday School both lessons were of course in SPANISH! Way to go James!!!!
  It was so nice to see everyone down here and continue developing friendships with the believers in Chivilcoy. Can you hear the excitement in my voice, we are so looking forward to the time that the Lord opens the door so that we can be down here on a permanent basis.  Please continue to pray that the Lord would supply, we are praying for early 2014.

Mission Statement

To love, worship, and glorify God in spirit and truth in everything that we do and to train godly disciples who will be able to teach others also unto the uttermost part of the earth.