Sunday, December 21, 2014

New Beginnings

“Praise ye the LORD. Praise God in his sanctuary: praise him in the firmament of his power. Praise him for his mighty acts: praise him according to his excellent greatness.” Psalm 150:1,2  We are thankful for the Lord’s power and greatness for He has brought to Argentina in His timing. Although we are not fully supported, the timing was right for our arrival. Just two weeks later we received our first mission team.
Our 3 bedroom house
            The day after we were picked up from the airport we were able to look at our house and meet the owners. They were in the process of doing some much needed renovation so we had to delay our entrance into the house. Thankfully, we were able to stay with our co-workers Tom and Debbie Gibbons until it was ready. Two weeks later when it was finally ready, we were moving out of the Gibbons at the same time that the first members of the team were arriving. We praise the Lord for His timing in providing us a place to live.
Our 2004 Hyundai H-1 
            One of the major tasks to accomplish before the team arrived was to purchase a vehicle suitable for our family. Our options here are limited, so we were searching for a Hyundai H-1. We travelled to Buenos Aires several times even requesting to purchase two different vans only to be rejected by the owners before coming across the one that the Lord had for us. We were able to purchase the van a few days before the team arrived and then use it to transport the teams from the airport as well as to and from camp. We praise the Lord for providing us with a vehicle in His perfect timing.
Completing the ceiling in the main building
Dave West 
James' temporary desk
            We are thankful for the two teams that were here during the months of October and November. We were able to accomplish much work on the main building which is just about completed. We praise the Lord for His continued faithfulness in moving the camp forward as we have a goal to hold our first camps in January 2016!
·         Please pray for our continued adjustment here.

·         Please pray for good relationships with neighbors and people that we meet within the community.
                                                     Kids Corner
First Birthday in the Summer!
We are making new friends down here although we miss our friends from back home. We understand more of the language with each new day. Sheldon and Josie have a girl form the church that is tutoring them three times a week.
We (Hannah and Jaimie) walk one of the stores to buy meat, bread, or fruits and vegetables.  There is a different store for each one! They know us by name and some of the workers even know where we live. We had a couple of girls return something that was left behind earlier this week. I guess we kind of stand out because we don’t know the language well, but we are getting there.
We are in the Christmas cantata at the church. Please pray that someone would come to Christ as a result.

Thanksgiving dinner with fellow missionaries

Nursing a stray...she is ours now! 

Fun with Goossens, missionaries serving in Gualeyguaychu, AR

First Christmas tree in the summer

Mission Statement

To love, worship, and glorify God in spirit and truth in everything that we do and to train godly disciples who will be able to teach others also unto the uttermost part of the earth.