Thursday, October 24, 2013

Things are coming together nicely and we are getting into a routine that seems to be working.  Most of the team members go out to camp each morning to work on various building projects.

Meal preparation at church.

 Those that stay behind help by serving in the areas of normal daily life like, shopping for food, cooking, cleaning, laundry and anything else that comes up that needs to get done.
Washing lunch dishes out at camp.
Heading back to Camp
One day a family from church treated the group to lunch at their restaurant.  What a treat it was to get to know them a little better and share a meal together.  The meal was super yummy too! :)

Back to work we go!

 Fabric was brought down to make curtains for the camp. There was enough material for the church windows as well. Praise the Lord!  Let the sewing begin!  Please keep praying.

Measuring for the curtains!

Beautiful fabric 

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