Wednesday, July 29, 2015

God is so good! We are thankful for the work that God is doing here in Argentina. After evangelistic meetings in April, we had a couple of people receive Christ as their savior. It is a blessing to watch God work in the hearts of believers to invite their friends to church meetings and then see them get saved and discipled.  Please pray for continued growth in these new believers and that other family members would trust Christ also.
We recently received our first work team from Clinton, ME. Three men came down to assist in pouring the concrete slab for the cabins. Unfortunately, the ground work was not yet completed, so they were not able to do this work when they arrived. We were however, able to complete other much needed work. We completed the sidewalks around the caretaker’s house and a couple of places that were waiting to be finished around the main building. We were also able to pour the retaining walls for the outdoor picnic area off the main building. We praise God for the partnership in ministry and for all that we were able to get accomplished.  
On the heels of the guys from Clinton, we received a work team from the Argentine churches to plant more trees around the property. We were able to plant a couple of hundred trees in a matter of just a few hours. As is customary, we also enjoyed an asado (grilled meat) and had plenty of mate (an herbal tea) to share. We praise God for the many churches that come together to help advance the camp and conference ministry.

We have much work left to do before we can open camp. If you would like to be a part of a work team, please let us know! 

Kids Corner
One of the greatest challenges for us has been adjusting to the language and playing with friends that we really don’t understand. It is a blessing to be able to understand so much more now, but we still use a lot of hand signals. We are participating in some community activities such as gymnastics, volleyball and soccer, which also helps to make new friends.
Hannah and Jaimie are continuing to have piano lessons as well as guitar. They are now able to play during the church services. They were taking turns because we just had one guitar, but someone in the church  gave us another guitar so they can play at the same time.
We recently had Grandma Morrell, Aunt Sherrie and our cousin Daniel for a visit. It was so nice to be able to visit with some family after several months of being away from home. They brought a lot of supplies that their churches and Christian school provided for us. It was like having Christmas all over again! We are thankful for all that God provided through them!

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