Sunday, November 17, 2013

“Give unto the LORD, O ye mighty, give unto the LORD glory and strength.” Psalm 29:1 What a blessing it is to see the hand of God moving in providing for the needs of the ministry. We have been encouraged to hear several pastors and church leaders indicate that they would like to see the church start supporting the ministry if they are able to work it out in the budget. In addition, we have also had several individuals say that they will start supporting the ministry on a monthly basis. Praise the Lord for His provision as we get closer to being able to leave for Argentina. Please pray that God would continue to move in the hearts of individuals and churches to support His ministry through us.
            This fall has been a busy time of ministry, mission conferences and a mission trip to Argentina. One of the blessings that we experience in pre-field ministry is visiting churches and meeting brothers and sisters in Christ at various stages in life and ministry. From new believers to retired pastors and missionaries, God’s hand is clearly evident and working in the lives of people. While at a mission conference, we met with a couple that is sensing the Lord’s direction to be missionaries to Ecuador. Please pray that the Lord would continue to guide them in His will.
            While we were on the mission trip in Argentina, we had the pleasure of getting to know Dathan and Allison Marshall who are sensing the Lord’s leading to be missionaries to Argentina and quite possibly at the camp. They have been married for one year and Dathan is completing his ministry degree. Please pray that God would continue to cause Dathan and Allison to grow in their relationship and that He would lead them clearly in His will.
            We were blessed to be in Argentina for the two weeks that we were there. We went down to help with a team of over twenty-five people that was assembled from various churches. It was exciting to see the amount of work that was able to be accomplished at camp in such a short period of time. The ceiling in the chapel/dining room was completed, concrete was poured all the way around the main building, one fence line was painted, we installed a little more than half of the chain link fence, and curtains were sewn and installed in the main building and church. Praise the Lord for His provision for and development of this ministry.

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Kids Corner
 Sheldon turned seven in October! We had some friends come over to celebrate his birthday with us. The theme was baseball. We had a baseball diamond for a cake with baseball cupcakes all around; we even played baseball too.
Hannah volunteers at Triple J horse barn to help clean water buckets, stalls and to ride horses in exchange. Hannah loves being around the horses. She has been riding Babe and Izzy, but she may get to ride Annie as well sometime.
By: Hannah Morrell


  1. So exciting to watch this all come together! God is so good! Todd and I are especially drawn to Ecuador, esp a little German town there. You never know, one day we just might end up ministering there:) My heart is full,Donelle,every time I think of what God has done in your life~such a more than special blessing to me! Makes all the suffering that I have experienced these past several years so worth it because the investment that I once put into your life has paid off(according to God's glorious grace~not because of me but nice to know that there is impact that we are sometimes priviledged to have been even a small part of and be blessed by seeing!)
    Can you give Hannah a msg for me as well-can you tell her that I understand her great love for horses! What a special gift that she has been able to arrange being able to ride for the wk she is doing there! I was willing to do something like that when I was a youth because of how much I loved horses but never had the opportunity given to me~that is so special for her:) Love you guys! Always,always holding you close in prayer and in my heart!

    1. We are thankful to the Lord for how He works all things together for His glory. How exciting to hear of your love for Ecuador. We will continue to praise the Lord for your faithfulness and pray for His direction in your life as you continue to seek Him. Thank you friend! :)


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